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Courtney Fischer, LMHC

My name is Courtney Fischer. I am a licensed mental health clinician in the South Shore area. I am currently doing telehealth only, but that may change in the near future! My office hours vary by week, but I do offer session times before and after the traditional workweek schedule to accommodate client needs.

My main hope for therapy is to support humans who are 14 years and older as they navigate the complex world of human emotion, mental health, and relationships. A good life can be hard, complicated, and challenging while a difficult life can still be rewarding, fulfilling, and well-lived. I seek to join with those who are struggling with that complexity to help them achieve the goals they have for themselves, to help them cope with inherent disappointments, losses, and stressors, and feel the joy of personal growth.

I specialize in a variety of topics such as addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship dynamics, self-esteem, and more. I have additional training in working with people who have had legal issues resulting in incarceration or probation/parole. In most cases, clients benefit from more than one therapeutic modality to address the whole person. I tend to integrate a mix of Solution-Focused, CBT, Narrative, Trauma-Informed Care, and Person-Centered, Strengths-Based strategies with my clients.

Courtney Fischer

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