Social work in Massachusetts is the most accessible profession for the provision of mental health care in private practice, clinics and in-patient settings.

Social Work in MA is the profession that provides the greatest amount of care for people seeking mental health care. Since being licensed for independent practice over 30 years ago, social work has dominated the professional landscape in MA (in private practice, hospitals and clinics) and social workers are particularly well known (but not limited to) for their work with couples and families. Social workers operate from a framework known as the “person-in-the-environment”. This refers to the fact that in treatment, social workers take the patient’s “context” into account, in general, more than other independently licensed professions.

The minimum degree requirement for independently licensed social work clinicians is the Master’s Degree. This is also the case for mental health counselors, clinical nurse specialists and marriage and family therapists, whereas, psychiatrists and psychologists are required to have medical degrees and doctorate degrees, respectively. While it is not required for independent licensure, a growing number of social workers are pursuing doctorate level degrees as well.

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Why select one type of professional over another when looking for someone to provide the mental health care for you or your family member? If you need psychological testing, psychologists in general are more apt to be trained and certified for the task. If you are seeking medication, the only professions licensed to prescribe medications are physicians (psychiatrists or other physicians) and nurses (nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists). However, it is commonplace for a clinician not permitted to do testing or to dispense medication to work collaboratively with those professionals who do. The real issue is often finding the clinician most experienced in the nature of the problem you or your loved one is experiencing.

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