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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing or a Neuropsychological Assessment can be very helpful when there is a lack of clarity regarding the causes of various emotional, psychological, learning, or behavioral problems experienced by a child, adolescent, or adult.

Psychological testing refers to the administration of standardized tasks and procedures which allow for a sampling of behavior, in order to understand and predict a given individual’s psychological, emotional, and behavioral functioning in a variety of settings.

Common reasons why a neuropsychological or psychological evaluation may be recommended include:

Common reasons why a neuropsychological or psychological evaluation may be recommended include:

  • Behavioral and conduct problems
  • Concerns about cognitive and intellectual factors which may be leading to problems in the learning process at school
  • Learning and academic problems; learning disability
  • Determine cause of attention and concentration problems, such as ADHD or otherwise
  • Understanding causes of emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, social skills deficits, low frustration tolerance or extreme anger, poor impulse control, mood instability, poor coping or emotion regulation skills
  • Recommendations for school or residential treatment placement
  • Determine eligibility for special education services
  • Identify factors underlying problem behaviors
  • Determine if there is a specific cause for a child’s academic, social, or psychological difficulties
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Reports and Recommendations

Following the completion of the psychological evaluation, a comprehensive and reader-friendly report will be prepared. Reports can also be submitted to other professionals or schools at the parents request.  The report will provide individualized and innovative recommendations that will help guide interventions and services. We know that many of our clients are eager to get answers to their questions. For this reason, clinicians do their best to complete the testing and report in a timely manner.

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