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Stepfan Jones, MSW

Stepfan is a clinician with The Well Behavioral Health affiliated with Behavioral Solutions.

My name is Stepfan Jones and I enjoy working with all types of individuals in various walks of life. I have worked with individuals with depression, anxiety, and anger issues to name a few. Working to help individuals cope with life’s challenges. I work with couples helping them with relationship concerns to enhance their communication, as well as, premarital counseling. I have also spent time in the school system working with adolescents with school issues and life challenges, and college students as a spiritual counselor and life coach. My latest journey has been working with individuals who wrestle with substance use challenges.

Finding a balance and true happiness starts with self and having a therapist that is a good fit for you is a start. Asking for help and seeking counseling is the first step. I take pride in the therapeutic relationship and strive to help my clients get to the next level of realistic and ideal change in their lives to reach their full potential.

“The goal is to be a Little Bit Better Today Than You Were Yesterday.” This is the motto I live by each and every day. Not to be perfect or without flaws, but to just try and be a better version of yourself each day. We all have struggles, sometimes it helps to not struggle alone. If you are struggling with anything, Let me Help.

Stepfan Jones, MSW