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Practice Management Services

Client Referral and Marketing Services Include:

  • BhS will provide referrals for clinicians
  • On-line marketing
  • Clinician website profiles

Client Intake Duties Include:

  • BhS will screen clients based on criteria provided by the clinician
  • Complete initial benefit and eligibility checks
  • Clinicians are sent brief case summary, demographic information, and insurance information

Billing Duties Include:

  • BhS handles all of the client insurance billing
  • Reprocess denied claims
  • Post insurance payments

Benefits and Eligibility Services Include:

  • BhS does all initial and ongoing benefit and eligibility checks
  • Will process initial treatment authorizations as needed

Credentialing Services Include:

  • BhS will help you get onto closed insurance panels
  • We handle all initial credentialing and CAQH management
  • We handle all correspondences with insurers and recredentialing needs

Practice Management Support:

  • BhS keeps providers updated with trends in the mental health and healthcare fields
  • We support clinicians in adapting to practice issues such as COVID, telehealth, and more!
  • We offer white label office forms and policy documents
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Community and Team Building Support:

  • Our team will moderate and organizes peer-to-peer learning activities, peer consultation and support
  • Ask colleagues questions, make and receive referrals

Technology Services Include

  • Phone extension with voicemail and auto attendant available.
  • BhS email available to all clinicians with One Drive, and on-line versions of word, excel, powerpoint, and Microsoft teams
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    EHR Subscription:

    • Our internal EHR system for notes, calendar, client management, and client session reminders is included for clinicians who want to use our system
    • Monthly billing statements are sent to all clients
    • Fully integrated telehealth platform included with EHR
    • Engaging client portal with bill pay options, messaging, and e-form completion
    • Training and EHR support

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