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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a clinician partner with Behavioral Solutions?

A – Some clinicians value the independence and autonomy of private practice but are seeking some of practice management support of a group practice. Behavioral Solutions provides an attractive hybrid model of autonomy and the benefits and support of a larger organization.

What is Behavioral Solutions mission and values?

A – Since 1995 Behavioral Solutions has been a stong advocate for independent clinicians throughout Boston. Integrity and Transparency are core values, and we aspire to build lasting relationships. Many of the clinicians in our network have been with us for 15+ years.

Do I need an independent license to be a Behavioral Solutions provider? Are there any other requirements?”

AClinicians in our provider network must have an independent license to practice mental health in the state of Massachusetts (i.e. Licensed Psychologist, LICSW, LMHC, LMFT, Psych NP). There are no minimum years of post-license experience needed. To assure the integrity of our provider network, we do ask new participants to agree to a criminal background check and to provide two professional references.

What is NOT included in BhS Practice Management Service?

A – Clinicians provide their own office space or telehealth platform, computers, and all office equipment. Clinicians are responsible for accepting client payments in session, medical records requests, client scheduling, and all insurance audit requests

Will I be “Assigned” clients? Will I have to reach a certain quota or productivity number?

A – Clinicians will be able to accept as many or as few clients as they choose. The clinician “run” their own practice and they will determine the clients they want to see.

How much do clinicians make at Behavioral Solutions? How are clinicians paid?

A – Clinicians in our network do very well, and we provide some of the highest rates of reimbursement in the Boston area. Clinicians are paid every two weeks via direct deposit and receive a full breakdown of their session activity.

Why are some BhS rates of reimbursement higher than the rates in my insurance contract?

A Oftentimes individual providers are offered contract minimums by insurance providers. BhS has successfully negotiated strong rates of reimbursement with insurers. Contact us to learn how we can increase your bottom line!

Will I have autonomy to operate my own practice?

A –  Clinicians maintain their full independence by being able to- 1) Only accept the clients they want to work with, 2) Schedule their own clients, 3) Develop treatment plans and strategies based on their own professional judgement, 4) See clients in their own office location, much more!

Does Behavioral Solutions provide office space?

A – Behavioral Solutions supports clinicians in their own independent practices. Many clinicians rent or lease their own office space or are exclusively telehealth. We also have a limited amount of office space for sublease in Burlington and Andover Massachusetts.

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